Nutritional Diagram: Selecting the best juice for you

Picking a juice

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right juice for you. We've made this brief explanation of our juices and their ingredients to help you choose the perfect juice for any mood, every time.

We cold-press a wide variety of juices but stick to the basics when it comes to ingredients. Our G series includes some of our most popular juicing options, and every G bottle includes fives ounces of fresh, organic kale. The G1 is the sweetest of the G series, and is recommended for beginners or those who need a little sweet kick in their pressed juice. If you're going for something with slightly higher vitamin content, opt for a G3! Our G-Quatro, meanwhile, is one of our spiciest options as it contains habañero peppers. Habañero peppers are great because they contain capsaicin, a natural metabolism booster that can aid in burning fat. Finally, the G5 is our detox drink that is not for the faint of heart. Its rich, fibrous taste comes from fresh spirulina... and no, we never use powders as superfood substitutes.

Still not convinced about our G series? Just check out the picture below. (G3 pictured) We don't need to name drop, but if you're familiar with other pressed juice brands, then you'll realize that our fibrous, vitamin content nearly doubles that of our unnamed competitor ;)

C2, our beet juice, is a natural blood and liver cleanser, but doubles as a great energy booster. Try taking it as a pre or post-workout drink!

Our WMT (watermelon/mint), O1 (orange, carrot), and O2 (orange, pineapple) juices are sweet and refreshing juices that can satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Our ALG and ALC juice shots are sweet but potent. The A stands for apple, L stands for lemon, G stands for ginger and C for cucumber. Our ALG is great tasting with a spicy kick from the ginger, and works great as a detox shot. We wouldn't recommend drinking the entire bottle in one sitting! If you're new to juicing, try out the ALC before opting for an ALG.